Jeremy Lin finally watches Linsanity documentary

Jeremy Lin finally watches Linsanity documentary
March 14, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Lin finally watches Linsanity documentary

It's been long overdue, but Jeremy Lin finally got a chance to watch the Linsanity documentary in its entirety this past Sunday at South by Southwest going on in Austin.

The film held a screening and had a red-carpet event, which Lin attended.

His thoughts on the documentary about him?

"It was just good where you could just appreciate everything that happened," Lin said. "God has been really good to me and he's blessed me with a lot, so that was kind of surreal to be able to take a step back and be like, 'Wow, that stuff actually happened to me.'

"Just watching myself talk about the breakout game (February 4, 2012 against the Nets, when he scored 25 points) and all the things that had to happen and all the things that, you know, obstacles that my family had to overcome to get to that point. It was pretty emotional."

Lin had originally planned to watch the documentary when it showed at Sundance on January 27. Unfortunately, weather delayed the Rockets' arrival time and Lin was only to make it to see the end of the film. This past Sunday was his first time seeing the entire documentary.

"Linsanity" will again be shown at SXSW in Austin this Saturday at 11:30am at the Paramount Theatre.

One of the producers, Chris Chen, told Comcast SportsNet the film received a standing ovation at the Sunday screening, and that the film has multiple offers, as of the moment, for distribution. A decision on distribution, Chen says, is expected to be announced soon.