A German reunion: Dirk and Ohlbrecht

A German reunion: Dirk and Ohlbrecht
March 3, 2013, 11:15 pm
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After the Rockets defeated the Mavericks 136-103, Tim Ohlbrecht met up with Dirk Nowitzki for a little German NBA reunion.

Nowitzki had said on Saturday that he wanted to take some time to congratulate Ohlbrecht on game day for Ohlbrecht's recent signing by the Rockets into the NBA from the D-League. The two reminisced in the Mavericks locker room after the game was over.

"He was just proud of me that I made it through D-League," Ohlbrecht said. "Yeah, I was fighting and he saw it too. He just said he's happy for me, that I'm in the league now. He changed numbers and he was like, 'Hey, if you ever need to call, just call me' and just normal small talk."

The two have been national team teammates representing Germany, which helps to explain their special bond.

As for his first NBA experience, getting into the game and scoring his first NBA hoop, Ohlbrecht said he was nervous at first.

"But then, I thought it's just basketball," he said. "I want to play basketball and it's just basketball. But then the other side (of the mind) says it's the best league in the world here: I'm playing my dream and it's just amazing. I'm happy to make those points. I think if it was anything (I'd be fine): an assist, a steal, a dunk, whatever. But it's just how it is. I'm just happy. I'm just happy now."

Ohlbrecht finished his first NBA action with three points, an assist, and a steal in five-and-a-half minutes.