Game 2 inspires Game 3 confidence

Game 2 inspires Game 3 confidence
April 25, 2013, 10:30 am
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The Rockets may have lost Game 2 on Wednesday 105-102.

By all means, they were frustrated about it in the locker room afterward. But they know it's a marked improvement to feel like one got away after what had happened in Sunday's Game 1.

That's when the Thunder defeated the Rockets 120-91. On Wednesday, though, Houston adjusted.

A small-ball lineup was successful in creating spacing and pacing. The Rockets put up a 16-0 run in the fourth quarter to take a 95-91 lead. Ultimately, they lost 105-102, but this loss came with plenty of fight, plenty of opportunities, and as a result, plenty of optimism for the days ahead.

"I think it gives us confidence going forward that we can definitely beat these guys and we're definitely not scared of them and we figured out a lot that worked on offense and defensively, just different match-ups," Chandler Parsons said. "I think it's frustrating and it hurts really bad right now, but you've got to take some positive out of it. It's a long series."

"We had a few opportunities late in that game, the last three or four minutes, to capitalize on a couple of buckets, and we didn't," James Harden said. "I think an outlet pass that I threw to Chandler was a little bit too far. I think he had it blocked by Kevin (Durant) and they came down and scored after that. Just a few more possessions that we wish we could have had back that cost us the game, but most importantly, we were down 15.

"We could've just given up the game and said let's go to Game 3, but we fought back and took the lead, so we definitely have some confidence going into Game 3 and going back home."

Game 3 takes place on Saturday night at the Toyota Center.