Dawson visits McHale, Rockets practice

Dawson visits McHale, Rockets practice
November 22, 2013, 5:30 pm
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(Adam Wexler)

Just outside Toyota Center is a big banner depicting some of the best centers to ever play in the NBA. Naturally, they are all former Houston Rockets centers and across the banner are the words, Legacy of Bigs.
Nothing is more at the core of this franchise than their history of greatness in the pivot. No one member of the organization is tied to that greatness more so than Carroll Dawson.

Dawson was at practice on Friday for the first time this season.
Dawson spent 27 seasons with the Rockets organization as general manager and as an assistant coach. Dawson is well-known for his work with big men, including those up on the banner that adorns the parking garage, like Hakeem Olajuwon and Moses Malone.
As practice came to a close there was Dawson, along with head coach Kevin McHale and the newest big, Dwight Howard, in the paint working on moves.
"I love (Dawson), he loves basketball," McHale said. "I like having him around. He's a great guy,"

McHale and Dawson were on the court long after practice, talking about the game.
"He's worked with a lot of great players," McHale said. "He's part of the fabric of this organization so it think it's great ot have him here."
It was the first time Dawson had been on the court with the Rockets since Howard's arrival.
"It was fun," Howard said. "A lot of the stuff that he talked about were a lot of the things that me and Mac (Coach McHale) have been talking about.
"I'm getting more aware of when to use the things Kevin and I have been working on and how to use them in the game without thinking so much. I think that's where my problem comes is thinking too much on the court. When I'm just playing free and not worrying about anything, that's when I tend to be at my best.
"It didn't matter where I was catching the ball. I made quick, decisive moves and I didn't think about the outcome, I just did it. I just felt my man, wherever he was at and tried to counter him."
His best was on display for most of the night in Dallas when hit his first eleven shots. His 33 points against Dallas were a season high.