Chandler Parsons sporting new buzz cut

Chandler Parsons sporting new buzz cut
December 24, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Parsons inspired to cut famous hair

Chandler Parsons has cut his famous hair and is sporting a new buzz cut inspired by a young friend.

After visiting Patrick Hobbs-DeClaire in the hospital a few times, Parsons has formed a bond with his young fan. Patrick has Stage 4 cancer and has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant.

“He’s such a positive kid and – so inspiring,” Parsons said. “His dad was telling me he’s not even scared of death. He’s more worried that he doesn’t look like his twin brother anymore.

“So, me being his favorite player, I decided to shave my head to look more like him and hopefully give him some support and more encouragement to keep fighting.”  

Parsons got his head shaved by the team barber after Monday night’s game against Dallas. He said Patrick is unaware of what he did.

“He hasn’t seen me yet but his parents know to watch the game on Christmas Day, so it will be a little surprise to him.”

Of course being around Patrick makes Parsons realize how fortunate he is.

“I was going through those back spasms and had a hangnail on my toe, and I went to see this little 7-year-old fighting for his life, so it really puts things into perspective and I’m glad I did it.”