Chance to win worth more than $30M to Howard

Chance to win worth more than $30M to Howard
September 26, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Leaving L.A. was tough for Howard

Dwight Howard followed the path less traveled when he chose Houston and the Rockets over the Los Angeles Lakers. When it comes to the highest of high-profile free agents, the road to L.A. is usually a one-way street.

“The biggest part was leaving a storied franchise and also leaving a lot of money on the table. But in order to win you’ve got to sacrifice something,” Howard told CSN Houston on Thursday. “It would have been great to have the money and all that stuff, but I want to win.”

Howard did give up a significant amount of money to sign with the Rockets. He signed a four-year, $88 million deal with Houston, but turned down a five-year, $118 million contract offer from the Lakers to do it. In an age where athletes go for the money, the lure of a better chance at a championship was worth the money Howard passed on.

“That’s why I’m here. I think we have a great opportunity," Howard said. "I think with the young group of guys that’s on this team, that’s going to add life to myself and everybody else."