Brooks, Durant: Beverley play not dirty

Brooks, Durant: Beverley play not dirty
April 27, 2013, 2:30 pm
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Scott Brooks/KD: Beverley play not dirty

Despite some of the things being said by OKC Nation on Twitter, Scott Brooks and Kevin Durant both say the play that left Russell Westbrook hurt wasn't dirty.

In the second quarter of Wednesday's Game 2, as Westbrook was about to call timeout, Patrick Beverley attempted to make a play on the ball in a moment where he might possibly catch Westbrook off guard. Beverley has said several times over the last few days that he did not intend to injure. Yet, with OKC's three-time All-Star now out indefinitely, there has been public backlash from fans over a perceived cheap shot.

"I've read some of the comments on it," Brooks said. "That was not a dirty play. That's part of basketball. One of the things that the kid does, he plays hard. Now, was it unfortunate and was he trying to get under his skin? Absolutely. But it wasn't a dirty play."

Durant agreed.

"Patrick Beverley plays his tail off," the former Longhorn star said. "Everything's on the floor, so you can't really... that was just a freak accident. He didn't mean to hurt him. He's been playing hard. I played against Patrick in college. He's been the same way ever since. It's just an unfortunate play. I hope he's not hanging his head off of it. It was just one of those freak accidents."