Beverley insistent on improvements

Beverley insistent on improvements
July 10, 2013, 11:45 pm
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Rockets guard Patrick Beverley goes 1-on-1

ORLANDO, Fla. - Patrick Beverley was determined to play some Summer League ball to make some improvements in his game.

Beverley played two games with the Rockets Summer League squad. As he tells it, it wasn't part of the original plan, but it was what he felt he needed to do.

“I was originally only supposed to play one game," Beverley said. "I asked to play more because I continue to want to work on things to get better and this Summer League, we really got offense from our defense, so if we can carry that on with our core guys, I think we’ll be really successful this season.”

Beverley averaged 10.5 points in each of his Summer League games. More important to him, was focusing on what the coaches and trainers said during the season's exit interviews that he needed to work on.

"We wanted to get my ballhandling better, a change of pace, going from 0-100 and back down to 0 and back down to 75 and finishing around the basket,” Beverley said. “I think this Summer League, I went in here with a great mentality, not trying to dominate the game - really trying to use what I’ve worked on this summer and add that to my game, which I did this summer.”

Beverley has spent plenty of time in the gym, whether it be training in Houston with the coaches or also working out with Stephen Curry in North Carolina. He's looking forward to getting back after it as the regular season creeps closer.

“It’s been a busy summer, travelling and training," he said. "But I believe everything’s going to pay off.”