Asik no longer being discussed in trade talks

Asik no longer being discussed in trade talks
December 19, 2013, 4:00 pm
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McHale: 'I thought (Asik) was going to be here'

Sometimes deadlines come and go without any action expected to go with those time constraints.

That's what happened in the Rockets quest to move center Omer Asik before Friday. No deal to the Rockets' liking could be reached and conversations with other teams were halted.

Now, Asik will continue his rehab, necessitated by his right thigh contusion, and attempt to get back on the court for the same team that signed him to the lucrative three-year, $25 million free agent contract prior to last season.

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale noted after Thursday’s practice, that he had not thought much about whether Asik would be moved.

"I thought he was going to be here this whole time. He's a big part of what we do. He can be a huge part of our success,” McHale said. “There are a lot of nights where that second big body out there playing with Dwight really gives you an advantage. We need that.

“I know (Rockets general manager) Daryl (Morey) was working the phones and talking to people,” McHale added. “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I think Omer understands that. I’m looking forward to getting Omer healthy. When he’s ready to play we’re going to play him. I hoping it was a couple of days ago, but it seems like when he amps it up and does two or three days in a row on the floor, he starts getting some stiffness in there. We’ve got to figure out that.”

The Rockets have played without Asik since Dec. 2, who had been the starter for the first eight games of the season, before being replaced in the stating lineup by second year forward Terrence Jones. Houston is 12-6 with Jones starting. Houston was 5-3 in Asik’s eight starts. Asik went to see another doctor today to see how his thigh and knee are progressing.

“It’s going to take a total team effort to win a championship,” Dwight Howard said. “I know (Omer has) had a rough time. The only thing we can do as a team is lift him up and help him understand that he’s a big part of this team. I know he might not feel that way, but he is. It’s not like we don’t want him here.

“We all have to make sacrifices to win, and he has to be willing to make a sacrifice. We’re here for him and we’ll do whatever it takes.”