2014 NBA Mock Draft: Version 3.0

2014 NBA Mock Draft: Version 3.0
June 20, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Here is my updated mock draft, including a big slide for center Joel Embiid, following his broken foot injury. (Click here for mock draft 1 from May 29 and mock draft 2 from June 12).

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Andrew Wiggins, SF, Kansas (previous: Embiid) - Two years ago, I said Wiggins would be the No. 1 player selected in whatever draft he entered, although the Embiid injury is what thrust him to the top of my mock.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - Jabari Parker, F, Duke (previous: Wiggins) - Parker is the sound selection here, I think his upside is greater than most believe.

3. Philadelphia 76ers - Noah Vonleh, F, Indiana (previous: Parker) - Pending surgery results, here's where it starts to get tough to pass on Embiid, but the Sixers' adding Vonleh and Nerlens Noel to Carter-Williams sounds pretty good for an offseason, not to mention who they'll grab at 10.

4. Orlando Magic - Dante Exum, G, Australia (previous: Exum) - The Magic will hope that an Exum-Victor Oladipo backcourt will be among East's best for years to come. They will hope for similar results to Washington with their John Wall-Bradley Beal duo.

5. Utah Jazz - Aaron Gordon, F, Arizona (previous: Gordon) - Gordon's athleticism is off the charts for a guy his size. With some refinement, he could be a very tough matchup.

6. Boston Celtics - Joel Embiid, C, Kansas (previous: Vonleh) - Embiid is having surgery on his foot an will not even attend the draft and comparisons to Bill Walton and Yao Ming should be good, but in this case they are for the wrong reasons. He carries less weight than those two and again future issues will be slightly clearer post-surgery. Worth the risk at this spot.

7. Los Angeles Lakers - Marcus Smart, G, Oklahoma State (previous: Smart) - Great skills in an NBA-ready body. He's a good fit with Kobe now with his strong attitude and worthy of building around when (or if, ha-ha) Kobe finally hangs 'em up.

8. Sacramento Kings - Julius Randle, F, Kentucky (previous: McDermott) - This is a tremendous talent to grab here, as long as his foot is not a concern, a team potentially with Isiah Thomas, Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins should finally be making a climb up the standings.

9. Charlotte Hornets (from Detroit) - Doug McDermott, F, Creighton. (previous: Saric) - Charlotte needs shooters and McDermott could be the best in the draft and in a forward's body.

10 Philadelphia 76ers (from New Orleans) - Nik Stauskas, G, Michigan. (previous: Stauskas) - Stauskus may be the most underrated player in the draft, I think down the road he proves he's more than just a shooter.

11 Denver Nuggets - Dario Saric, F, Croatia (previous: Randle) - Nuggets happy to see Saric here, very versatile player.

12 Orlando Magic (from New York) - Gary Harris, G, Michigan State. (previous: Harris) - This is a tough call, especially if Exum is their pick at No. 4. Harris is the best talent on the board, so the Magic grab him.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves - Rodney Hood, F, Duke (previous: Young) - The next three picks are all just a matter of preference. Hood goes here with Wolves deeming him as top shooter at NBA level when compared to Warren and Young.

14 Phoenix Suns - T.J. Warren, F, North Carolina State (previous: LaVine) - Warren's big, athletic body will give Suns matchup options they thrive on with their up-tempo style.

15 Atlanta Hawks - James Young, F, Kentucky (previous: Hood) - Young might not quite be ready to burst on the scene in Atlanta, but he's got all the tools.

16 Chicago Bulls (from Charlotte) - Adreian Payne, F, Michigan State (previous: Warren) - The Bulls are ready to win now. Payne, a senior, helps that goal.

17. Boston Celtics (from Brooklyn) - Kyle Anderson, F, UCLA (previous: Lavine) - The Celtics are willing to take a chance the 20-year-old Anderson, who continues to develops into all-around player.

18. Phoenix Suns (from Washington) - Clint Capela, F, Switzerland (previous: Payne) - The Suns will be looking to move at least one of their first-round picks and if not, there's strong chance they go international.
Capela needs to get bigger.

19. Chicago Bulls - Elfrid Payton, G, Louisiana-Lafayette (previous: Anderson) - The Bulls are happy to have great talent here and should be excited immeidately about his defense.

20. Toronto Raptors - Tyler Ennis, G, Syracuse (previous: Grant) - With uncertainty at point guard due to Kyle Lowry's free agency, they take need here.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Dallas via L.A. Lakers and Houston) - Jerami Grant, F, Syracuse (previous: Hairston) - Thunder will hope he's Nick Collison's replacement, sometime very soon.

22. Memphis Grizzlies - Zach LaVine, G, UCLA. (previous: Porzingis) - Athleticis off-the-charts, but
not ready to contribute yet. Tailed off badly in his one-season at UCLA.

23. Utah Jazz (from Golden State) - Cleanthony Early, F, Wichita State (previous: Adams) - There are many varying opinions on Early. Some are not very high on his athleticism and don't see much room to improve. Others see polished all-around game. All scouts see that he's, ahem, old by draft standards at 23.

24 Charlotte Hornets (from Portland) - P.J. Hairston, G, Texas Legends (previous: Early) - Owner Michael Jordan will take the former North Carolina guard. Hairston resurrected his stock dramatically with his season in the D-League.

25 Houston Rockets - Jusuf Nurkic, C, Bosnia (previous: McDaniels) - Presuming Omer Asik gets moved, Rockets will tap the international market for a Dwight Howard backup, although the 19-year-old Nurkic might not be in the NBA next season.

26 Miami Heat - Shabazz Napier, G, Connecticut (previous: Payton) - With or without the big three in Miami, it was clear in the Finals, the Heat must replace Mario Chalmers.

27 Phoenix Suns (from Indiana) - Jordan Adams, G, UCLA (previous: Nurkic) - The Suns have plenty of talent in the backcourt. This pick may end up getting moved.

28 Los Angeles Clippers - Mitch McGary, F, Michigan (previous: Ennis) - High reward, some risk with this pick. He missed this past season with injury, avoiding NCAA drug-suspension by entering draft. His stock was very high just one year ago.

29 Oklahoma City Thunder - K.J. McDaniels, F, Clemson (previous: Capela) - They'll hope he gives some push to Jeremy Lamb for playing time.

30 San Antonio Spurs - Bogdan Bogdanovic, G, Serbia (previous: Napier) - He could be ready to come play in NBA right now, and if not, the defending champs really won't care.

Second Round
31 Milwaukee Bucks - Jarnell Stokes, F, Tennessee (previous: Daniels)
32 Philadelphia 76ers - Jordan Clarkson, G, Missouri (previous: Clarkson)
33 Cleveland Cavaliers (from Orlando) - Glenn Robinson III, F, Michigan (previous: Robinson III)
34 Dallas Mavericks (from Boston) - Patric Young, F, Florida (previous: Bogdanovic)
35 Utah Jazz - C.J. Wilcox, G, Washington (previous: Dinwiddie)
36 Milwaukee Bucks (from L.A. Lakers via Phoenix and Minnesota) - DeAndre Daniels, F, Connecticut (previous: Robinson III)
37 Toronto Raptors (from Sacramento) - Walter Tavares, C, Spain (previous: Wilcox)
38 Detroit Pistons - Thanasis Antetokounmpo, F, Greece (previous: McGary)
39 Philadelphia 76ers (from Cleveland) - Vasilje Micic, G, Serbia (previous: Austin)
40 Minnesota Timberwolves (from New Orleans) - Nick Johnson, G, Arizona (previous: Johnson)
41 Denver Nuggets - Jordan Adams, G, UCLA (previous: Cory Jefferson)
42 Houston Rockets (from New York) - Isaiah Austin, F, Baylor (previous: O'Bryant)